Cooperative Learning Academy

What is the Cooperative Learning Academy?

Camp Herrlich's Cooperative Learning Academy is a unique way for students and their families to reconnect with the learning process. Whether students have been struggling with school work, attendance, following school rules, making poor choices, or any combination of these, our Cooperative Learning Academy will assist them in understanding why past behaviors prevented their success and will help identify and apply alternative positive and productive approaches. Whether students' goals are to return to high school as a full time student, enroll in a BOCES or an alternative program, obtain a high school diploma or GED, we at Herrlich will assist and support any personal aspirations. Our unique schedule, compassionate staff, and wide range of learning opportunities support individual interests. This will allow curiosities to foster knowledge and promote the exploration of topics by applying new and novel methodologies.

Currently, the following credit-earning opportunities are available in the Cooperative Learning Academy:

  • Science
  • Health
  • Phys. Ed.
  • Intro to Occupations
  • Art

Students also do community service, go on field trips, and explore their areas of interest. The Camp Herrlich environment is very supportive emotionally of students and the professional and excellent staff understands that the traditional learning environment does not work for all students. This program makes full use of Herrlich's 156 acres of land, wonderful natural resources, and community connections to make the best possible program for the students who need it the most.

Brief Historical Summary:

On March 12, 2007, following Board approval of a pilot program for 2006-2007, 9 students began participation in the CLA after meetings with parents, school guidance counselors and high school administrators. Subsequently, a tenth student was added to the program. When the program was renewed for 2007-2008 school year, the numbers were increased to 14 students.

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