Carmel Rotary Club Basketball Challenge 2019!

Join Camp Herrlich and over 80 other nonprofit agencies in Putnam County in raising funds through the Community Basketball Challenge! Carmel Rotary Club has raised over $300,000 dollars over the years through the Basketball Challenge and we are so excited to participate this year. We are even offering rewards for fundraising goals!

Raise $35 and get a jumprope!
Raise $50 and get a frisbee!
Raise $100 and get a glow in the dark frisbee!
Raise $150 and get a basketball!
Raise $300 and get a $50 voucher for Camp, plus a jump rope and a frisbee!
Raise $500 and get an electric scooter!

You can fundraise in 2 easy ways. If you would like to do flat donations online, CLICK HERE to be taken to our Crowdrise page where you can make your own team page and share all over the internet.


You can CLICK HERE for the pledge form if your friends and family would like to pledge a dollar amount per basket. For instance, you get 2 minutes to shoot baskets. If your family pledge 50 cents per basket and you make 40 baskets, that’s $20 raised!

All money raised this year will go toward resurfacing our basketball court so it is in tip top shape for Summer 2019! Let us know if you have any questions!

Jessica Vanacoro