Counselor In Training

 Summer 2017 CIT Project

Summer 2017 CIT Project


The dream of working at Camp

Our Summer Counselor in Training Program is specially designed to train our oldest campers in how to be the best Camp Herrlich leaders they can be.  Alongside the typical day to day fun and adventure of Camp, Counselors in Training also get leadership workshops weekly that mirror the summer orientation that is required of the Camp Herrlich staff.  They also get to experience Group Assignment twice weekly, where they will join a day or sleepaway camp group and practice the skills they have learned.

Day Camp CIT applicants must have finished 8th grade and Sleepaway Camp CIT applicants must have finished 10th grade before the program begins.  The program is open to anyone who meets the age requirements, you do not have to have been a camper with us before.  We are proud to say that over 90% of our Counselors in Training pass the program and are recommended for promotion to Junior Counselor the following year.  

Our Summer 2018 Counselor in Training program will run from June 25th to July 20th.  CITs must be able to commit to all four weeks of the program, so mark your calendars! 

Click here for the Counselor in Training Application for Summer 2018.